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This enormous magnificent region, located on the Indian side with its high, arid landscape and Buddhist culture is geographically and culturally an extension of Western Tibet. Despite being one the most remote areas in India, Ladakh has a rich cultural and religious heritage as can be seen from the centuries old monasteries, some of them built on sheer cliffs and still actively functioning. Trekking is an extra ordinary experience in ladkah, this landscape of 96300 sq km bare crags and granite dust, soaring peaks gives the eerie effect of both elevation and isolation. Midst the endless mile after mile of sun beaten and windswept mountains, there is no sign of a human being, bird or even tree.

Grades of trekking tours -
Easy - For anyone of any age. Plenty of stops and time to enjoy the local scenery. ( requires 4 to 5 hrs of trekking every day)

Moderate - For anyone who is physically fit or 'regular" walker and is looking forward to walk on rugged terrain on longer stretches(requires 6 to 7hrs of trekking every day)

Tough /strenuous - These trips requires high level of physical endurance and are meant for real physically fit people. Trekking is sustained ,often involving high Mountain Passes and at times challenging.(i.e. requires 8 to 9 hrs of trekking everyDay)

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